Prysmian Group in the Middle East

From Asia-Pacific to the Americas, from Europe to Africa, and as well as the Middle East; Prysmian cable solutions sit at the heart of the development of various industries.

Prysmian Group is strongly positioned in the Middle East region with a branch office in Dubai (UAE) and supported with some key project offices in Abu Dhabi (UAE), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Doha (Qatar) and Manama (Bahrain). The group provides the widest range of products, services, technologies and know-how from its 89 plants across 50 countries.

Prysmian Group in Middle East is a solution provider committed to remaining close to its customers, listening carefully to their requirements, understanding the market needs. Accordingly, all our products are designed and created to respond to unique needs of our customers. Moreover, Prysmian Group constantly drives innovation in cable industry, aiming to optimize supply chain processes, reduce total cost of ownership for our customers and help them achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Prysmian Group's state-of-the-art cable systems support many major regional customers in the high voltage and submarine industry along with network components and value-added engineering services, in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, fiber and telecom solutions along with related many other businesses.

Prysmian Group has all the expertise and the experience needed to help our customers stay ahead.

Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi S.r.l (DMCC Branch)